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  1. Anilao : Anilao, in the south of the province Batangas, has been a muck and macro diving paradise since the early seventies.
    1. Batalan Rock : Batala Rock is a huge rock just below the surface dropping down to 18 meters and with excellent coral growth.
    2. Beatrice Rock : Several steep and huge boulders lay underwater at Beatrix Rock 1 and 2 offering excellent with coral enriched diving.
    3. Bonito Island : Bonito Island offers a nice sloping sandy reef full of colorful reef fish and critters.
    4. Cathedral Rock : The Cathedral is a very common and shallow trainee dive site where divemasters and instructors often feed the fish.
    5. Chicken Feather Island East : You can drift dive on a special sloping reef at the east side of Chicken Feather Island.
    6. Chicken Feather Island Hot Spring : The underwater hot spring at Chicken Feather Island is where you can experience small streams of hot water flowing out of volcanic cracks.
    7. Coala : Coala and Coala Aquarium are some of Anilao's best dive sites where drift diving along its rocky in hard coral covered slopes.
    8. Eagle Point : Eagle Point is a nice drift dive often starting in the Cathedral drifting along the beautiful slope.
    9. Layag-Layag : Layag Layag is one of the top diving spots in Anilao, rich and brilliant drift diving.
    10. Mainit Bay : Mainit Bay means hot bay and is named after several hot springs on shore.
    11. Mapating Rock : Mapating Rock is the most western huge rock of Tingloy Island with a nice deep cave and abundant marine life.
    12. Sepoc Wall : Sepoc Wall is one of the best wall dives near Anilao with often heavy currents and loads of aquatic life and coral.
  2. Donsol : The area of Donsol is known as one of the best spots to dive, swim and snorkel with many whale sharks.
    1. La Union : La Union, and Bauang Beach in particularly, was one of the first tourist destination of the Philippines.
        1. Subic Bay : Subic Bay is one of the wreck dive destinations worldwide with a very rich and interesting naval and battle history.
          1. Barges Grand Island : This floating dock named Barges Grand Island offers some ever changing marine life.
          2. El Capitan, USS Majaba : The dive wreck El Capitan, later renamed USS Majaba, was a US Auxiliary freighter today swarmed in fish.
          3. Japanese Patrol Boat : The Japanese Patrol Boat is a small coastal trawler probably used by the Japanese and sank in front of Subic Bay in the end of WWII.
          4. LCU, Landing Craft Utility : This Landing Craft Utility is an amphibious vehicle used for on and offloading cargo and passengers and dropping them at the beach.
          5. LST, Landing Ship Tank : LST or Landing Ship Tank used to be an amphibious vehicle used for transporting troops, tanks and cargo on shore.
          6. Oryoku Maru : The Oryoku Maru was one of the hell ships used for transporting POW to Japan to serve as workers.
          7. San Quentin : The steam gunboat San Quentin was scuttled by the Spanish just southeast of Grande Island.
          8. Seian Maru : Seian Maru is a large freighter located at only a few hundred meters from the waterfront.
          9. USS Lanikai : The USS Lanikai was a huge schooner that became famous because of the movie Hurricane starring Jon Hall and Dorothy Lamour.
          10. USS New York : The USS New York was scuttled to prevent her 8 inch guns to be captured.
        1. Apo Reef : Apo Reef is a world renowned atoll in the middle of the South China Sea offering steep walls and many pelagic.
          1. Apo 29 : Apo 29 is a secluded dive site where sharks are still extremely curious about those new big creatures in the water.
          2. Apo Island : Many different dive sites around Apo Island offer scuba divers a great time.
          3. Hunter's Rock : The area around Hunter's Rock is always popular by sea snakes especially between June and July when their mating season starts.
          4. Merope Rock : Merope Rock is a huge underwater mound with a great eastern wall.
          5. Shark Ridge : Diving Shark Ridge is famous for divers who want to see white, grey and blacktip reef sharks.
        2. Marinduque : Marinduque offers some of the best scuba diving at slightly remote, unspoiled and unexplored steep walls and coral reefs.
          1. Pandan Island : Pandan Island is a remote island and serves as a perfect start for scuba diving nearby Apo Reef.
            1. Anchor, Christmas Tree : Another nice dive site is Anchor and Christmas Tree with the common inhabitants and a nice fifty year old boat anchor.
            2. Barracuda Deep : Barracuda Deep is a deep wall dive full of action and excellent coral formations.
            3. Coral Gardens East and West : The Coral Garden East and West offer diving amongst excellent examples of hard and soft corals.
            4. House Reef : Diving the House Reef of Pandan Island ideal for novice divers.
            5. Napoleon Wall : At Napoleon Wall you will find pelagic action, a steep wall and often strong currents.
            6. Neptune's Land : Named after its many Neptune cups, Neptune's Land is a very nice dive site.
            7. North Wall : The drop-off at North Wall attracts pelagic such as tuna and mackerel.
          2. Puerto Gallera : Puerto Galera is becoming one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the Philippines.
            1. Alma Jane : The wreck of the Alma Jane is a cargo freighter scuttled right into Sabang Bay.
            2. Anton's Wreck, St Christopher : Anton's Wreck or the St Christopher is a relatively young live-aboard dive boat that sunk offshore Puerto Galera in 1995.
            3. Atoll : The Atoll is a huge rock often surrounded with reef sharks and stingrays.
            4. Batangas Channel : The Batangas Channel is a fast flowing kind of river in between Coco Beach and Medio Island.
            5. Boulders : Caves, caverns and swimmthroughs have formed at dive site The Boulders, literally a collection of huge rocks placed together.
            6. Canyons : The Canyons is one of the best dive sites in Puerto Galera with a lot of fish sheltered from the hefty currents.
            7. Coral Gardens : Coral Garden is a typical garden with many of the different kinds of hard and soft corals present.
            8. Deep La Laguna Reef : Deep La Laguna Reef is a set of deep reefs separated by a sand channel and rich in coral formations.
            9. Dry Dock : The artificial dive site named Dry Dock consists of a steel construction that was used to get small vessels on shore.
            10. Dungon Wall : A popular wall dive is Dungon Wall with all its coral reef fish and diversity.
            11. Ernie's Cave : There are two interesting mini caves to be found at Ernie's Cave, one at 22 and one at 27 meter.
            12. Fish Bowl : At dive site Fish Bowl you can literally see all species of fish that live in the waters of the Philippines.
            13. Hill : Many clams have been placed on top of a small underwater hill to encourage coral growth and to see how they would grow.
            14. Hole in the Wall : At Hole in the Wall you can actually find a small swimm-through through the reef right into some spectacular coral gardens.
            15. Horse Head Reef : The Horse Head Reef is named after a rock on shore resembling the head of a horse.
            16. Japanese Wreck : The propeller and engine are the only remains found while diving this simple Japanese Wreck.
            17. Joshua's Wall : Joshua's Wall is a small wall or huge ledge in waters deeper than 50 meters suitable for those diving on nitrox.
            18. Kilima Drift : Spotting schools of barracuda, mackerel, trevally and reef sharks is one of the best experiences whole drifting along Kilima Drift.
            19. La Laguna Point : The sheer La Laguna Point makes an excellent dive site with a splendid wall and plenty of fish.
            20. Mamood's Reef : Mamood's Reef is diving next to a nice reef wall with several small caverns and mini caves.
            21. Manilla Channel : The Manila Channel is a fast flowing narrow channel in between Medio Island and Paniquian Island.
            22. Marcus Cave : Marcus Cave is a nice and deep cave that needs nitrox diving and cave training to visit it porperly.
            23. Monkey Wreck : Monkey Beach and Wreck are some nice dive sites that offer a wreck, wall, currents, huge corals and loads of fish.
            24. North Point : One of the most northern points of diving in Puerto Galera is at the fantastic dive site North Point.
            25. Oddie's Dingding : Oddie's Dingding is diving with rare huge black coral trees, not seen in many other places around the Philippines.
            26. Pink Wall : Pink Wall is a shallow drop-odd with a lot of large cauliflower corals.
            27. Sabang Bay : Sabang Bay consists out of several dive sites, some wrecks, a deep reef and the landmark Sabang Point.
            28. Secret Reef : Secret Reef is a deep wall dive with excellent coral formations and many fish.
            29. Shark Cave : Whitetip reef sharks often hide and rest at the dive site Shark Cave where you can approach them real close.
            30. Sinandigan Wall, Turtle Rock : Sinandigan Wall is one of the best and richest habitats around Puerto Galera with nudibranch and turtles common.
            31. Small to Big La Laguna : Small to Big La Laguna is a top drift dive with some of the best underwater topologies in Puerto Galera.
            32. Steps : The Steps is a pretty reef that descent in steps each creating a nice mini wall.
            33. Sweetlip Corner : Overhangs, caverns and the large numbers of sweetlips make up the wall at Sweetlip Corner.
            34. West Escarceo : West Escarceo offers cold waters flowing from Verde Island and attracting huge marine fish.
            35. Wreck Point : Wreck Point is diving at the remains of a shallow freighter and the hulls of a catamaran.
          3. Talipanan Reef : Talipanan Reef is one of the few dive sites west of Puerto Galera near shore.
          4. Verde Island : Verde Island offers canyons, tall pinnacles and one of the richest underwater biodiversities in the world.
            1. Black Fish Pinnacle : Blackfish Pinnacle is scuba diving next to a wicked steep drop-off going down to 40 meters.
            2. Drop-off, Pinnacle : The Dropoff or Pinnacle are some excellent steep and deep walls on the southeast side of Verde Island.
            3. Washing Machine : This dive site is named the Washing Machine because it has canyons where you are spun from one side to another.
          1. Romblon :
            1. Agnay Sanctuary :
            2. Agpanabat Caves & Canyons :
            3. Agpanabat Sanctuary :
            4. Alad Sanctuary Garden, Slope : Alad Sanctuary Garden near Alad Island is a pretty dive site also for snorkelers.
            5. Alad South : Scuba diving at dive site Alad South near Alad Island.
            6. Bangug Island : Bangug Island
            7. Bonbon Beach :
            8. Channel of Alad :
            9. Coral Garden : Coral Garden East & West near Cobrador Island.
            10. Giant Clam Sanctuary :
            11. Logbon Coral Canyon : Logbon Coral Canyon
            12. Logbon Sanctuary :
            13. Naguso's Wall : Diving Naguso's Wall near Cobrador Island.
            14. Phil's Fan Coral Collection :
            15. Salvar Beach :
            16. San Pedro Cliff :
            17. San Pedro Sanctuary :
            18. Sasaigang Point : Dive site Sasaigang Point on the tip of Logbon Island.
            19. Sunken Island (CSI) : Cobrador Island
            20. Telsie's Garden :
            21. Turtles' Feeding Place :
          2. Sibuyan :
            1. Cresta de Gallo : Cresta de Gallo Island near Sibuyan.
          3. Tablas :
            1. Blue Hole : Blue Hole
            2. Bonbon Sea Grass Valley :
            3. Carmen's Cliff : Carmen's Cliff
            4. Guindauahan Island : North of Tablas at dive site Guindauahan Island.
            5. Origon Rocks : Origon Rocks
            6. Peter's Pinnacles : Diving at dive site Peter's Pinnacles near Tablas Island.
            7. Times Square : Dive site Times Square near Banton Island.
          1. Borocay : Borocay is a well known holiday destination for divers but that is not its only attraction.
              1. Apo Island :
                1. Dauin :
                  1. Dauin Sanctuary :
                  2. El Dorado Housereef :
                  3. Ginama Point :
                  4. Masaplod : Masaplod Sanctuary
                  1. Badian Island : Badian Island, slightly south of Moalboal, offers excellent scuba and snorkel activities to Badian, Moalboal and Pescador Island.
                  2. Mactan : Mactan Island is a well established scuba paradise just a few kilometers away from Cebu City.
                    1. Malapascua : Malapascua is a relatively undeveloped diving island with some of the best underwater ecosystems in the world.
                      1. Bantigi :
                      2. Bugtong Bato : At Bugtong Bato you can find a sloping reef, mini wall and sandy bottom with macro marine life.
                      3. Calanggaman Island : Calanggaman Island offers the whitest sand ever seen making fish and coral look extremely colorful underwater.
                      4. Chocolate Island : Shallow coral diving and macro species is what diving Chocolate Island is all about.
                      5. Dakit-Dakit : Dive site Dakit Dakit is diving with many fish and colorful corals.
                      6. Dona Marilyn Wreck : The Dona Marilyn Wreck used to be a 90 meter long ferry which is easily accessible for advanced divers, technical and wreck enthusiasts.
                      7. Gato Island : Gato Island, although small, offers stunning dive sites known for its sharks, seahorses, nudibranchs, cave or cathedral.
                      8. House Reef : One of the muck dive sites in Malapascua is House Reef, easily reached and filled with colorful macro species.
                      9. Ka Osting : Ka Osting is muck diving at its best with many interesting species.
                      10. Kimud Shoal : Kimud Shoal is a great circular in hard and soft corals covered shoal known for its many hammerhead sharks.
                      11. Lapus Lapus Island : Lapus Lapus Island is known for its healthy and colorful coral formations and inhabitants.
                      12. Lighthouse, Lighthouse Wreck : Around the Lighthouse you can spot mating mandarin fish and explore the remains of a Japanese WWII landing craft.
                      13. Monad Shoal, Shark Point : Monad Shoal also referred to as Shark Point is a seamount known for the many thresher sharks that arrive each dawn to be cleaned by wrasses.
                      14. MV Asia Wreck : The MV Asia is diving on a relatively new, open and intact wreck.
                      15. North Point : The northern point of Malapascua experiences strong currents offering excellent canyons and rock formations.
                      16. Nunez Shoal : The wall at Nunez Shoal is deep and hosts many marine life and macro photographic objects.
                      17. Pioneer Wreck : The Pioneer Wreck at starting at 42 meters deep is a fantastic dive for nitrox certified divers.
                      18. Tapilon Wreck : Tapilon Wreck was a WWII Japanese cargo carrier nowadays separated in three loosely connected parts.
                    2. Moalboal : Moalboal with Panagsama Beach and White Beach are brilliant destinations for excellent nearby wall scuba diving.
                      1. Airplane Wreck : The Airplane Wreck is one of Moalboal's attractions; diving on a complete and intact airplane wreck.
                      2. Blue Abyss Housereef :
                      3. Copton Point :
                      4. Dolphin House :
                      5. Fish Feeding :
                      6. Kasai Point, Kasai Wall :
                      7. Looc :
                      8. Ludo : Ludo
                      9. Magic Point, Magic Wall : Magic Point is a great drop-off reef with plenty of marine species to admire.
                      10. Moalboal Bay :
                      11. Panagsama Beach, House Reef : The House Reef is one of the easiest and quickest ways of getting into the water spotting phenomenal underwater creatures.
                      12. Ronda Bay and Ronda Marine Park : Ronda Bay and Ronda Marine Park
                      13. Ronda Bay, Saavedra Fish Sanctuary :
                      14. Sampaguita :
                      15. Sanctuary : At dive site the Sanctuary you can find brilliant coral gardens, forests of sea fans and plenty of aquatic species.
                      16. Talisay Point, Talisay Wall : Talisay Wall and Point is one of the best diving sites off Moalboal with vertical drop-offs and loads of marine life.
                      17. Tongo Point :
                      18. Tongo Sanctuary :
                      19. Tuble Reef :
                      20. White Beach :
                    3. Pescador Island : Pescador Island is a nice and small marine sanctuary offshore Moalboal and Badian.
                      1. Cathedral : Diving the Cathedral is diving inside a huge cathedral like cave, next to a steep wall and on top of beautiful corals.
                      2. East :
                      3. South :
                      1. Sunken Island : Sunken Island is known for its many sharks and tune found at depths early in the morning.
                      1. Balicasag Island : Balicasag Island is one of the most popular scuba daytrips from visitors of Alona Beach, Panglao Island.
                        1. Cabilao Island : Cabilao Island is a great scuba diving island with some spectacular coral reefs just offshore.
                          1. Balay Reef :
                          2. Cambaquiz Point : The unexplored dive site Cambaquiz has a nice wall and many small mini caves and crevices.
                          3. Chapel Point : Chapel Point is a nice and healthy part of reef with many species of hard corals and fish.
                          4. Fallen Tree : Fallen Tree offers a nice drop-off, easily entered from shore with not spectacular coral formations.
                          5. Gorgonia Wall : Gorgonia Wall is a steep drop-off with many gorgonians, small caves and overhangs to explore.
                          6. Light House East : Lighthouse is one of the top muck diving sites in Cabilao with chances of spotting pipefish and nudibranchs.
                          7. Shark View Point : Interested in diving with sharks, a dive to Shark View Point is highly recommended.
                          8. South Point : South Point, at the south of Cabilao, offers strong currents and excellent hard coral formations.
                        2. Pamilacan Island : Pamilacan Island is a popular drift island just to the south of Alona Beach, Panglao Island.
                        3. Panglao Island : Panglao Island is a famous scuba and vacation island both by locals as foreigners.
                            1. Snake Island, Cervera Shoal : Snake Island offers scuba diving in healthy waters amongst many marine species and excellent coral formations.
                            1. Bunga Bent :
                            2. Ghost Town : Ghost Town
                              1. Limasawa Island : Limasawa Island gets more and more popular for diving, beaching, swimming and other water activities.
                                1. Little Lembeh :
                                2. Napantao Wall :
                                3. Padre Burgos : Padre Burgos and San Roque are excellent villages to explore the south of Leyte in more detail.
                                  1. Padre Burgos Jetty : The Padre Burgos Jetty is used for visiting Limasawa Island but it is also one of the best muck dives around Leyte.
                                  2. Tangkaan Point : Tangkaan Point offers diving at a steep slope covered in soft corals, sponges and anemones at the southern tip of Leyte.
                                4. Panaon Island : Panaon Island is a large island in the southeast of Sogod Bay offering excellent diving and stunning dive sites.
                                  1. Napantaw Fish Sanctuary : Lot of fish, healthy corals and strong currents are some of the characteristics of an excellent dive at Napantaw Fish Sanctuary.
                                1. Coron Bay : Coron Bay is known to wreck divers all across the world as it is the place where many Japanese vessels have been sunk in WWII by American planes.
                                  1. 7 Islands, 7 Rocks : Seven Islands or 7 Rocks is popular reef and sanctuary near Coron Town with plenty of divers and snorkelers.
                                  2. Akitsushima : The Akitsushima is Coron Bay's biggest navy-ships that sank after a huge torpedo hit in its fuel storage tanks.
                                  3. Alcatraz Reef : Alcatraz Reef is a nice dive around a small rocky islet known for its diversity and amounts of reef fish.
                                  4. Baracuda Lake : Barracuda Lake is famous for its jelly bottom composition, its thermal layers and its barracudas that like the more than 30 degrees warm waters.
                                  5. Black Island Wreck, Nanshin Maru : The diving wreck located near the pretty beach of Black Island is also wrongly known as the Nanshin Maru.
                                  6. Bugor Reef : Bugor Reef is a pleasant reef with excellent visibilities and plenty of marine life.
                                  7. Cathedral Cave :
                                  8. Coral Gardens :
                                  9. CYC Island :
                                  10. East Tangat Gunboat Wreck, Tamakaze : The Tamakaze or East Tangat Gunboat as it is better known is one of the few shallow wreck dives in Coron Bay.
                                  11. Irako : The IJNS Irako is one of the best shipwrecks in Coron Bay, one for experienced wreck divers only.
                                  12. Kalambuyan Reef : Kalambuyan Reef is a very healthy reef located quite far away from Coron Town often visited on dive safaris.
                                  13. Kogyo Maru : Dive site the Kogyo Maru is where you can find the famous bulldozer or tractor resting in one of its holds.
                                  14. Kyokuzan Maru : The 135m long Kyokuzan Maru is another great Imperial Japanese Army Auxiliary Supply Ship sunk in Coron Bay.
                                  15. Luson Gunboat, Luson Reef : The Luson Gunboat is a 30 meter long wreckage situated in perfect conditions for snorkelers and novice divers.
                                  16. Morazán Maru, Olympia Maru : One of the most popular wrecks in Coron Bay is the 93 meter long Morazán Maru or Olympia Maru.
                                  17. Neptune's Wall :
                                  18. Okikawa Maru, Taiei Maru : The Okikawa Maru or Taiei Maru was a huge oil tanker nowadays a haven for marine species and corals.
                                  19. Olympia Maru, Tangat Wreck : The Olympia Maru is a 127 meter long wreck with huge cargo holds swarmed in fish creating one of the best dives in Coron.
                                  20. Skeleton Wreck : Only its remaining keel and steel ribs have named this wreck Skeleton Wreck.
                                  21. Twin Peaks :
                                2. El Nido : El Nido is with its many beaches, bays, inlets and islands an underwater paradise to behold.
                                    1. Amos Rock : Diving at dive site Amos Rock
                                    1. Camiguin : Camiguin is a small island formed of seven volcanoes and ringed with a wicked coral reef.
                                        1. Old Volcano : The Old Volcano is a dive site amongst huge volcanic boulders on a rich slope filled with marine life.
                                        2. Sunken Cemetery : The Sunken Cemetery is diving on top of a small graveyard which was pushed into the ocean by volcano Daan in 1871.
                                        3. Davao : Davao is known for Mount Apo, the white beaches at Samal Island and for its many durian fruit farms.