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The Tamakaze or East Tangat Gunboat as it is better known is one of the few shallow wreck dives in Coron Bay.

Name Dive Site:East Tangat Gunboat Wreck, Tamakaze
Depth: 3-19m (9-62ft)
Visibility: 5-15m (16-49ft)
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Pretty close to the east-shore of Tangat Island, you can dive a small, 35m long Japanese anti-submarine-chaser and Tug-boat in shallow water of 3 to 19m deep. A perfect dive for beginners or a 3rd dive of the day, and of course, for underwater photographers! Her original Japanese name is Tamakaze.

The crew of this boat most likely scuttled it after the air-raid because it is so close to the shore and there are no big damages. Together with Lusong-Gunboat it was one of the easiest wrecks of this fleet for locals as well for the commercial salvage-company (and later on for divers) to salvage all valuable items out and off. However, this wreck is still a lovely dive, most of the time under very calm condition; the visibility varies from 5-15m. A plenty of fish-life around the wreck, with groupers, batfishes, crocodile-fish, the common coral-fishes and, especially on cloudy days or in the late afternoon, you can spot out the rare, spacey-colored, Mandarin-fish, hovering somewhere in the corals of the reef beside of the wreck. Only a very few options to penetrate, it is pretty easy to navigate on this wreck and for the more experienced divers possible to explore and play around in a buddy-team even without a guide.


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Name: neptunedivecenter

The Teru Kaze or East Tangat Gun Boat is a small gunboat sitting in shallow water on the East side of Tangat Island. The bow starts at 4 meters and she continues down on a slant. Relatively intact there are a few holds that you can penetrate. This is a common last dive of the day and a great place to hunt for macro critters.

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