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Layag Layag is one of the top diving spots in Anilao, rich and brilliant drift diving.

Name Dive Site:Layag-Layag
Depth: 5-30m (16-98ft)
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Layag Layag has a long and shallow area of scattered big boulders, rocks and thick formations of hard branching corals. It has a slight shallow drop off made out of sand, small rocks and naturally crashed corals that makes it a popular nesting place of hundreds of red tooth trigger fish. The shallow area is fantastic for discovering the reef, discover scuba diving and open water divers. Records show that this place is often visited by sea snakes, turtles, squids, octopus and lots of mollusk near shore.

The diving style at Layag-Layag Bahura is often one way drift diving which usually starts from the shallow corner of Layag Layag and then moves in the direction of Bahura to avoid strong surface current. Continue your dive by keeping low in the shelter of the huge rocks. It is best to stay together before exiting, do your safety stop and use the anchor line to get everybody save back on the boat. The place is abundant with all kinds of reef fish, it is a crossing point of barracuda, big rainbow runner, bonitos, jacks, tunas and also sharks. In the shallows you can see many nudibranchs and some nice looking multi-colored soft corals.


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