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Mainit Bay means hot bay and is named after several hot springs on shore.

Name Dive Site:Mainit Bay, Mainit Point, Mainit Muck
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Diving around Mainit Bay is often drifting with strong currents since it is adjacent to the Maricaban Strait. This shallow dive spot has a sandy bottom mixed with soft and hard corals and then suddenly drops down to a slope of more than 30m. The drop-off is a formation of solid rocks coated with all kinds of soft corals and surrounded by hovering great barracudas, surgeon fish, blue fin jacks, rainbow runner and tuna fish. Beneath the rocks, close to the bottom, you will see a patrolling dog tooth tunas and occasionally a white tip grey reef shark. Ideal for a short drift dive and excellent barracuda watching until you reach shallower waters where your banca boat will bring you back or to your second dive.

This relatively new dive site in Mainit Bay is a few kicks away from the surface hot spring (Mainit means hot) just in front of the new resort. Here you can find it pretty much like Basura, some divers called it the new Basura. Home of the rare critters, like Ambon scorpion fish, small devil fish, Hairy frog fish, mimic octopus, ghost pipe fish, Panda fish, commensal shrimp, panda clown fish and many more. It is muck diving at its best.


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