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Marcus Cave is a nice and deep cave that needs nitrox diving and cave training to visit it porperly.

Name Dive Site:Marcus Cave
Depth: 40-55m (131-180ft)
Inserted/Added by: la_laguna_beach_club

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To get to the dive site Marcus Cave requires a blue water descent to the top of a wall in 40m/130ft. which is covered with whip corals and sea-fans. From there you drop down the face which bottoms out to a sandy bottom in 55m/180ft. There, at the western tip of the wall, is the opening of the cave. It is as wide and deep as a three-car garage so there is plenty of room to explore the inside. You will find a large gorgonian sea fan that hangs from the ceiling of the cave, and the brilliant colors of the soft tree corals come to life in the beam of an underwater light. Swarms of smaller fish species and occasional reef sharks are found outside the cave entrance.

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