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Bohol is with its white beaches and pristine islands one of the top scuba locations in the Philippines.

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Bohol is one of the most popular islands for tourists, especially near four islands in the southwest that are easily reached from the mainland. Cabilao and Panglao offer nice white beaches and some of the best diving in the Philippines. Smaller pristine islands such as Balicasag Island, Snake Island (Cervera Shoal) and Pamilacan Island offer excellent daytrips to some of the most secluded areas in Bohol. Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippines, located in the Central Visayan Region and sheltered from the toughest typhoons and heaviest rains. Its white sand has created extremely nice and well known beaches such as Alona Beach, Momo Beach, Doljo Beach and Bikini Beach.

Besides diving, snorkeling, beaching, kayaking, sailing and other water activities, you can also explore its inland beauties. Near Corilla you can see a glimpse of the Tarsier or midget monkey of the Philippines, the world's smallest primate. You can enjoy sights of one of its phenomenal waterfalls Busay Falls, Mag-Aso Falls, Dimiao Twin Falls or Kawasan Falls. A strange geological feature known to geologists all over the world are the more than 1200 steep hilly coned hills known as Chocolate Hills near Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan. These 30 to 100 meter high almost identical hills have been a source for rumors and speculation. Spelunkers and cavers can visit the stalactites and stalagmites in one of its many caves, with Hinagdanan Cave one of the best. Historic sights include Baclayon Church, the watchtower Punta Cruz and the Blood Compact Monument in its capital and commercial hub Tagbilaran. A cruise along the fantastic Loboc River can include a visit to the magnificent Tigbao Hanging Bridge and across its many floating restaurants.

Diving is a rewarding way of getting to know the thriving underwater habitat for tropical fish. Bohol's underwater marine life and healthy corals are astonishing and colorful. Some areas are sheltered; others are out in the open attracting large predators, while others are murky and provide a haven for all that is small. Juvenile species, sharks, groupers, triggerfish, but also anemones, sea fans and gardens of black coral can be found in the waters surrounding Bohol. There are whales in the Mindanao Sea or Bohol Sea to the south of Bohol almost all year long, but especially between April and July. You can find vertical walls at Kalipayan (Happy Wall) or dive through a vertical funnel or chimney at Arco Point (Hole in the Wall). You can go snorkeling at some of the best examples of shallow coral or make an excellent night dive spotting crabs, lobsters and other creatures that come out at night. It is a very diverse dive destination that has something for the most novice up to top professional scuba divers.

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