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Several steep and huge boulders lay underwater at Beatrix Rock 1 and 2 offering excellent with coral enriched diving.

Name Dive Site:Beatrice Rock
Depth: 10-40m (32-131ft)
Inserted/Added by: robryan_dive_center

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Beatrice Rock is one big rock in the middle of a shallow reef southwest of the Batangas Peninsula. This bolder drops down from 10m to 30m with a sandy bed and a continuing slope to deeper waters. Big pelagic fish can be seen in this area like Wahoo, Tunas as well as school of emperor fish, barracuda, and lots of antheas near or on top of the big rock. It is easier to make an entry here when there's minimum current; otherwise drop down with a negative buoyant backward roll. Most common dive plan is a circular path around the rock with a safety stop on the anchor or buoy line before exiting.

Beatrice 2, slightly to the northwest of Beatrix 1, has multiple underwater big rock formations in the middle of the reef. Diving condition here and style is pretty much like Beatrice 1 except that this dive site is very ideal to advanced diver or for those with professional license, only due to fact that it is on the deeper side of the reef with depths of 25 to 40 meter. You can find lots of soft mushroom coral as well as big fan coral.


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