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Overhangs, caverns and the large numbers of sweetlips make up the wall at Sweetlip Corner.

Name Dive Site:Sweetlip Corner, Sweetlip Cave
Depth: 38-55m (124-180ft)
Inserted/Added by: la_laguna_beach_club

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Sweetlip Corner is a blue water descent to a sandy bottom at 40m/130ft takes you to a field of long whip corals. Along the face of the wall there are some small caves and overhangs with gorgonian fans of all varieties. The cave is actually a cavern with a tunnel running through it that brings you back to the reef. You can find an impressive population of sweetlips, triggerfish and different species of surgeonfish swarm along the reef. There are also some big moray eels living in the crevices along the wall. You need a good guide to find the site.

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