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Many clams have been placed on top of a small underwater hill to encourage coral growth and to see how they would grow.

Name Dive Site:Hill, Giant Clams Site
Depth: 8-12m (26-39ft)
Inserted/Added by: la_laguna_beach_club

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The Hill is a short distance past Batangas Channel, where a dozen of so Giant Clams where seeded by the University of Manila some years ago. Now flourishing and multiplying in number these clams are a wondrous dive site and are interesting to watch as their primitive eyes detect light and basic movement leading them to snap shut their gaping maw and push a strong jet of water out through their orifices! Adjacent to these, some of the most diverse and healthy hard coral species can be found standing perpendicular to the current. Sea horses, moray eels and sting rays abound in this undisturbed treasure trove of rare marine creatures. A good dive for novices as long as it is slack water. Good corals and sponges abound, with small reef fish teeming around them.

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