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Sabang Bay consists out of several dive sites, some wrecks, a deep reef and the landmark Sabang Point.

Name Dive Site:Sabang Bay
Depth: 5-65m (16-213ft)
Inserted/Added by: la_laguna_beach_club

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Sabang Point is a good wall dropping down to 24m/80ft, with stony corals, soft corals many fish and unusual invertebrates such as large cuttlefish and octopus. A ridge rising to 5m/15ft is covered with more crinoids that are colorful and corals. A good night dive.

The small Sabang Reef starts at 42m/170ft and a series of large rock formations step down to deeper water. It is a difficult reef to find, as it involves a free descent to 42m, and if you are not spot on you just hit sand. The site has a garden of giant gorgonian fans and soft tree corals. There is a large school of banner fish that reside there, but other fish species common to the site are barramundi cod, sweetlips, rabbit fish, batfish and passing shoals of small mackerels and tuna. Best to dive at slack tide, otherwise a current can drift you way off the site during the descent. Best suited for advanced and technical nitrox diving.

An old wooden fishing junk sunk off the front of Sabang beach in 1993. A resident school of very friendly batfish and large surgeonfish make this a popular dive. Surrounded by sand, the wreck has attracted many eels, large lionfish, damsels, trumpets and the occasional stonefish. Flounders and stargazers inhabit the sand and excellent place to study the many goby & shrimp relationships. Great fish feeding.

At night, these Sabang Wrecks transform into a mesmerizing display of colors and many small crustaceans and other macro subjects can be seen scurrying around in the holes around the wreck. Buried in the sand can be found the rare stargazer. A mouth and two eyes point towards the stars, while a tongue flicks in and out - a lure to attract over curious fish.

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