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The Luson Gunboat is a 30 meter long wreckage situated in perfect conditions for snorkelers and novice divers.

Name Dive Site:Luson, Lusong Gunboat, Reef
Depth: 0-14m (0-45ft)
Inserted/Added by: rocksteadydivecenter

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The Luson Gunboat (Lusong Gun Boat) is a small wreck located in the northwest of Irako. Pretty much wrecked its lying in shallow water of 0-14m and it is surrounded by a pleasant variety of corals with a good fish life. The most common reef fishes like anemone-fishes, wrasses, butterfly- and angelfishes are here at home. Because of the shallowness and mostly clear water it is a pleasure for underwater photography!! Excellent for snorkeling as well or for a third dive of the day. Visibility is around 5-15m, depending on conditions; usually calm, with sometimes reasonable currents.

The reef itself stretches from the Lusong Wreck to the north, for around 2 sea miles and offers good to excellent quality of hard and soft corals. Because of the protection of a pearl-farm nearby, it has also a pretty good fish life, including turtles, cuttlefish, rays and plenty of macro-stuff like colorful nudibranch. Both, the wreck as well the reef, are very interesting for underwater photography. Visibility 5-15m, depending on conditions; usually calm with sometimes reasonable currents which calls again for a drift dive!

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Name: neptunedivecenter

The Lusong Gunboat breaks the surface at low tide and reaches a maximum depth of 10 meters. The surrounding reef is really nice. It is common to see broadclub cuttlefish, parrot fish, anemone fish, and other common reef fish. Because of the shallow depth, the Lusong gunboat is usually the last dive of the day before we head back to the dive shop.

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