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Diving at dive site Copton Point

Name Dive Site:Copton Point
Depth: 4-55m (13-180ft)
Inserted/Added by: magicisland

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<p>anthias over sponge</p>
<p>swimmer crab on sand</p>
<p>squat lobster in featherstar</p>

The dive at Copton Point Deep starts with an airplane wreck that has sunk in 1993 as a dive attraction. The slope changes at 23 meters into a beautiful wall covered with sea fans, sponges, soft coral and we find a lot of nudibranchs and shrimps.

At Copton Point Shallow there are many table corals, soft corals and a huge variety of fish such as scorpion fish, sweetlips, puffer fish, titan trigger fish, turtles, nudibranchs, shrimps and again a lot more.


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