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LST or Landing Ship Tank used to be an amphibious vehicle used for transporting troops, tanks and cargo on shore.

Name Dive Site:LST, Landing Ship Tank
Depth: 28-35m (91-114ft)
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The Landing Ship Tank or LST was created during World War II to support amphibious operations by carrying significant quantities of vehicles, cargo, and troops directly onto an unimproved shore. More than a thousand of these ships were laid down in the United States during WWII. The WWII versions of the LST were of two basic types. The earlier models were called type LST-1 and the later ones were type 511. After the war most of the LST's sailed back to the US where they were but into an auxiliary fleet or scraped. Many of the LST were sold or sunk while still in the pacific. Over 50 were sold, many for commercial use at Subic Bay and today it is thought that as many as 10 may have been used as targets or just sunken at Subic. It is impossible to say which ships went where at Subic, once a ship was stricken from the roles it was no longer tracked by hull number.

This LST may be LST-959. During World War II, LST-959 was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater and participated in the assault and occupation of Okinawa Gunto in June 1945. Following the war, she performed occupation duty in the Far East and saw service in China until mid-May 1946. She was decommissioned on 13 June 1946 and struck from the Navy list on 3 July that same year. On 10 June 1948, the ship was stripped and destroyed at Subic Bay, Philippines.

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