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Gorgonia Wall is a steep drop-off with many gorgonians, small caves and overhangs to explore.

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Gorgonia Wall starts in a depth of about 5 m and drops down to about 60 m. The wall runs parallel to shore. It offers a multitude of little caves and overhangs to explore and is completely covered with different corals, of which the most impressive ones are the giant fan corals.

Here, you will find reef fish of all kinds, Frogfish, and shoals of Jack and Bannerfish. From time to time, you will find a Napoleon patrolling the reef. Between the corals on the ground, you can find Pigmy and other seahorses, Ghost pipe fishes and a multitude of nudibranchs. The variety of life on this reef even amazes seasoned divers! Diving on this reef is possible in all weather, but certain dives need to be carefully planned because of the currents, which can vary a lot, sometimes making for excellent drift dives, while at other times there is no current at all. This reef is nicest for early morning-, afternoon- and night-dives.


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