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The Dona Marilyn Wreck used to be a 90 meter long ferry which is easily accessible for advanced divers, technical and wreck enthusiasts.

Name Dive Site:Dona Marilyn Wreck
Depth: 18-32m (59-104ft)
Inserted/Added by: threshersharkdivers

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The Dona Marilyn was a Cebu-Manila passenger ferry that sank in a typhoon over 20 years ago. It was a huge disaster and many people lost their lives. It is now lying on its starboard side, amazingly still all in one piece. Marble rays, blue-spotted rays and whitetip reef sharks live under the bow; eagle rays and devil rays sometimes pass through. The wreck is covered in healthy soft corals and the fish that live there grow to large sizes.

Several varieties of sweetlips grow bigger here than at any of our other dive sites and its juveniles are often seen here as well. Other common inhabitants are large cuttlefish, scorpionfish, nudibranchs and flatworms. A giant moray eel is living in the wreck. You can also see many of the beautiful purple fire sea urchins around, accompanied by their resident zebra crabs and Coleman's shrimp. Penetration is possible for qualified divers. There is lots to see inside as it has remained unsalvaged.

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Name: malapascua

"Dona Marilyn" is a Filipino passenger ferry that was sunk on the 23rd of October 1988 by Typhoon Ruby. The 98-meter long ferry now lies intact on her starboard side in 32 meters of water, creating a unique artificial reef. The wreck itself is covered in hard and sort corals, and black coral trees. For certified wreck divers it is possible to penetrate the wreck via the passenger walkways on the port side. Due to the relatively deep depth and size of the Dona Marilyn, the ideal way to experience the wreck in its entirety is to dive it on a blend of enriched air.

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