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La Union, and Bauang Beach in particularly, was one of the first tourist destination of the Philippines.

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La Union is one of the northern regions of Luzon and comprises Bauang, San Fernando, San Juan, Baguio City and other upcoming paradises and resorts along the Lingayen Gulf. Bauang Beach is an old time favorite for tourists while San Juan is a well established town for surfers. Historic sites include the Wallace Air Station, used by the Americans until 1991 and the Bacsil Ridge, the last stronghold of the retreating Japanese during World War II. Other sights are the archeological museum in San Fernando, the highland town Bagulin which offers some excellent hikes and several craftsmanship towns known for its pottery, blanket weaving and production of Basi wine. At only five hours away from Manila, it was one of the first touristic destinations in the Philippines.

La Union offers shallow protected dive sites which are excellent for novice and trainee divers. Interesting dive sites can be found around Poro Point which is also the place to go for some night entertainment with many bars, restaurants and clubs. There are several WWII wrecks such as the Voice of America, Hashi-Maru and several underwater tanks, but also 100 Islands offers great scuba diving. Corals are excellent, marine creatures such as reef sharks, wrasses, grouper, marlin, cowries, tuna and even whale sharks may pass by.

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