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Diving at dive site Dauin Sanctuary

Name Dive Site:Dauin Sanctuary
Depth: 5-30m (16-98ft)
Visibility: 10-20m (32-65ft)
Accessibility: Boat
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<p>one of the most beautiful shrimp the ocean has to offer</p>
<p>Clown frogfish in dauin sanctuary</p>
<p>always an delight to spot a seahorse</p>
Best dive-season / How to get there: International flight carriers bring you to Cebu. From there you can take a domestic flight to Negros. Once you arrive in Dumaguete city (Negros) it is a 40 min. car ride to the Dauin coast. Here on the coast you find a good selection of diveshops which reach the sanctuary within minutes on glass fiber boats.

This is a great place to do so called “muck diving” which means searching for the rare and unusual critters that like to hide and are well camouflaged. This dive site consists of a slight slope with black volcanic sand (the name negros means black in Spanish). You will be amazed by the variety of unusual creatures you will encounter here. This is a must for any video/photo enthusiast as there are so many collector’s species here which may not have yet been caught on film. Even if the area seems very quiet its teeming with live and and has an incredible abundance of tiny organisms which start a long and impressive food chain. Dauin is indeed a special place to dive. Seahorses, frogfish, ghostpipefish and sometimes even harlequin shrimps can be found here.


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